The only kits on the market that don't require any special equipment.

   Our screen glass replacement kits are the only ones available online that comes with OCA Blade™, a patent pending tool that allows the glass removal to be done without completely liquifying the OCA - Optically Clear Adhesive used from the factory to adhere different layers of the display panel on modern phones.

    The tool and the repair method we show have been developed over the past 5 years having sold over 80,000 repair kits, having spoken with thousands of customers, and having done countless number of repairs ourselves to truly understand every bit of screen glass replacement without any special equipment: No freezing machine, no heating pad, no laser temperature gauge, not even a UV light.

    We were the first on the market to introduce sun-cure UV glue not requiring a UV lamp to cure and now, we are the first to introduce a new patent pending tool and a new repair method which we developed with DIYers in mind to ensure the repair is more accessible than ever before.