OCA Blade™

   OCA Blade is a patent pending screen glass removal tool included in every kit sold here on ECDiy website.

   (It is sold separately for $13.97 for the regular, $9.99 for the mini, and $19.99 as a set.)

   Whether it is a flat display or a curved display. This tool gets the glass removed with minimal heat.

   We have developed this tool in-house over the years. It is much thinner than the conventional bar-type flexible metal pry tool, it is only about the thickness of thick human hair yet it's strong enough to push through the layer of OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive), which is used to bond the front glass to the display panel from the factory. 

   Its unique composition allows it to be flexible enough to bend around the curves of the display. It's so flexible that you can practically roll it into a circle and it will straighten out on its own.

   There are some great advantages to this tool over the conventional wire glass removal tool:
1. It requires only one hand to operate.
2. It allows the glass to be removed while the display is still on the phone's frame. (This is not possible with a wire tool due to the edges of the metal frame)
3. It does not constantly break like the wire tool does.
4. It can easily remove both big and small pieces of glass whereas wire tool would constantly get caught on the edges when removing small pieces

   We have done a lot of experiments with this tool to know exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to screen glass removal. We have broken thousands of dollars worth of displays in the process of developing our patent pending method so you don't have to.

   We are proud to make display refurbishing more accessible than ever before with our patent pending tool and method.